FileExplorer for Windows Phone – Test Feedback Needed

I’ve added several changes to the FileExplorer control, that will be included in the Coding4Fun Toolkit.

Before actually becoming an active part of the control set, I want to make sure that it works as it should and where it should, and for that I am distributing it now as a part of an experimental package.

2013-07-24 23.52.42

Since the last update, there is a big change that was introduced – the ability to switch the selection type. Now it is possible to:

  • Select a single file
  • Select multiple files
  • Select a single folder
  • Select multiple folders


This option is given through the SelectionMode property.


When the control is dismissed, the OnDismiss event handler is called, the application will get two items in return – a StorageTarget reference, that will identify the location of the selected entity(ies), as well as an object than can either be a single StorageFile, StorageFolder, ExternalStorageFile or ExternalStorageFolder, or it could be a List<T> where T is one of the aforementioned storage objects. Explicit conversion will be required, depending on the scenario.

Download the sample project here or directly from the CodePlex source control (latest checkin) and send me your feedback!

2 thoughts on “FileExplorer for Windows Phone – Test Feedback Needed”

  1. This is not an app per-se. It is a sample project with a custom control (FileExplorer). There will be an app in the Store soon that leverages this capability.

  2. is your app ready to download on windows phone 8…if no please tell me when it will be ready for download ….

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