5 Reasons Why I Switched from Mint to a Spreadsheet

In light of the new year coming in, a lot of people are setting new goals for what they want to accomplish. In 2016, I set to ditch Mint and instead replace it with a spreadsheet. At first, when I chatted with a couple of friends about it, that seemed like a somewhat cumbersome switch – after all, Mint does a lot of the tracking automatically. I am a huge fan of automation, so I saw how moving back to a more manual way of keeping things in check would be more time-consuming and inconvenient. But as the year went by, I grew to love the spreadsheet budgeting method vs. Mint. Here is why.
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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter as Level 2 Switch

I recently overhauled my network setup to get better WiFi coverage as well as get more data as to what traffic actually happens through my local network. After some relatively short conversations with my colleagues, I landed on Ubnt gear.

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Binding Dynamic Build Definitions to GitHub Repos

As part of the project that I am working on, I need to make sure that I allow the user to specify what GitHub repository they want to bind to their Visual Studio Team Services build definitions. I am using the Microsoft.TeamFoundationServer.Client library for that, but no matter what I tried, the repository just did not show up.

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GIFs, Products & Superpowers

Video Season

Did you know that as of today, the GIF sharing and hosting site Giphy is valued at over $600M? Or that Barry Schuler (yep, the guy formerly behind America Online) believes that:

“…GIFs are emerging as a format that consumers love and will be really important to advertisers as well,”

Add that to the list of statements you didn’t expect to hear in 2016.

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On Importance of Documentation

This October marks a year since my switch from working on client software to working on the unified Microsoft documentation experience. Throughout the past year I had to learn a tremendous amount of absolutely new (to me, at least) things that totally changed my perception of what the importance of documentation is.

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